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"Alan Roubik's music has the best healing properties of any modern music, and forms beautiful water crystals." 

- Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages In Water













"Alan's music has brought peace and healing to hundreds of our friends and clients. Most are unaware of the behind the scenes technical planning and testing. Much of which was done in Masara Emoto's I.H.M. laboratories. The careful chord selection and varied instruments fulfill their purpose of healing or stress relief as the melodies envelope you. Alan's music is pleasing to the ear and the heart." -Source Books & Sacred Spaces

"Alan Roubik's music has the best healing properties of any modern music, and forms beautiful water crystals."

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages In Water

"The music on these CDs combine established scientific principles with the exciting and melodic sounds that typify Alan Roubik's compositions. This creative blend of science and music has resulted in a listening experience that is physically and psychologically both relaxing and revitalizing." - Dr. Tony Vernon, Professor of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Gary Hall

CD2000 Endorsed by Olympic Gold Medalist Gary Hall and Coach Mike Bottom, Stanford University. Coach Bottom incorporated the music into his training program. 

"I really enjoy listening to all of Mr.Roubik's CDs. As an athlete and being in the entertainment business it is great to be able to wind down and heal my mind and injuries just by listening to his great music. I especially love listening to his newest CD The Celebration of Love. It truly forms beautiful water crystals in me and my surroundings."

Lucinda Ruh

Lucinda Ruh
Ice Skating Guinness World Record Holder and Two Time World Bronze Medalist.

I find Alan Roubik's music to be both uplifting and energizing. His innate musical talents bless us all. -Tony Cecala, Ph.D., Holistic Networker

"I played Alan Roubik's HADO Series I music CD to a gallon of water in a glass gallon jug in my living room. First I chilled the water in a refrigerator for several hours. Then I placed the chilled water on the floor between both speakers. I played the entire CD, and then placed the water back in the refrigerator and used some to make ice cubes. The chilled water absorbs the resonance energy from the music. When I tasted the water, it had the best flavor of all and I found it hard to stop drinking it." -Mark Konlee, Positive Health News, Keep Hope Alive

"The Bohemian (track from Keys To My Heart CD) is magical--I could listen to it every day and never get tired of it." -Cindy Pillsbury.

"As I closed my eyes and felt the music, it took me to a brilliant place of soothing and uplifting energies.....inside a blue white spiral of LOVE. Even this word does not express the music ability to help the physical cells of a body" -Vickie Patton, RN

Aside from the soothing and meditative benefits of your music, I've discovered a very pleasant side effect -- your work is fabulous for helping me get into the creative zone to write. I can only imagine it would work well for other artists, too...painters, sculptors, etc. I have all of your releases and am very much looking forward to the next. - Meg B.

I am recovering from a full knee replacement operation. Unfortunately, I managed to have a mini-heart attack and a suspected pulmonary embolism two days after the operation. I had to have an angiogram after leaving hospital and they have discovered thickening of the arteries in the heart. I am still waiting to hear what they are going to do about this i.e. stents or a quadruple bypass. Obviously all this is very stressful and I have not been able to rest or relax. My daughter is heavily involved in complementary health and apart from having me on various natural products has given me your CD 'Keys to my Heart'. Being somewhat skeptical, I have nevertheless listened to it on a personal CD player every day and by the 3rd day, I am more relaxed and am sleeping better than I have in months! I just love the music - The Bohemian is my favorite track. However, having said that, I have to admit that I have not yet achieved staying awake for the whole 10 tracks! However, my body is obviously reacting because I wake refreshed and am definitely less stressed. I am very excited about this 'brand new to me' idea that listening to music can actually help you physically. Thank you and keep up the good work. I shall now explore your other discs. - Jean A.

You have touched so many hearts and minds with your music. While most of us can only hope that we have touched a handful of people in our lifetime with our presence here on earth know that your music has helped people on so many levels and that because you were here you made a difference in the lives of millions of others, be that difference small or of great magnitude. - Tia S.