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"Alan Roubik's music has the best healing properties of any modern music, and forms beautiful water crystals." 

- Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages In Water












CD2000 was used by the US Olympic Swim Team at Stanford University as part of their daily training program, endorsed by the Stanford University Team Swim Coach & Gold Medalist Gary Hall, Jr.

Alan Roubik's Music For Your Health Series* CDs were created utilizing magnetic resonance technology with the purpose of boosting the immune system, assist in pain and stress relief, and for relaxation and medication.  

Known in Japan as "hado music," this series of music is classically based with jazz and world music influences, making it most appealing to a broad range of listeners.  

In a laboratory in Japan, Dr. Emoto's team of scientists played Alan's music to a glass of water, which was then put in a purpose-built freezer room for observation as water crystals formed under cold temperatures.  The crystals form beautiful shapes in sharp contrast to other types of music. These findings and photographs of water crystals of Alan's music have been published in several NY Best-selling books authored by Dr. Emoto. 

Dr. Emoto theorized that if we are made mostly of water (70%), then the positive energy from music (as well as intention) can have healing effects.

Many professional athletes, including the US Olympic Swim Team at Stanford University have used Alan's music for training.  Doctors and therapist have also recommended the series to their patients.   Click here to learn more about how this music was created.

CD2000  A blending of contemporary jazz and world music, created to target the immune system and assist in pain relief

The Four Seasons A mix of classical, contemporary and world music, targeting immune system and pain relief

Keys To My Heart  Healing, relaxing and enjoyable solo piano music

Celebration Of Love  2CD set of both instrumental and solo piano healing music for relaxation and romance

Celebration Of Love (Solo Piano version)

Seven Chakras  Featuring sacred healing instruments, ideal for meditation, yoga, relaxation

Elements  Based on the Seven Chakras album with added instrumentation for a more melodic approach to relaxation

Peaceful, Calm & Relaxed  Guided imagery created specifically for relaxation, stress reduction, sleep deprivation, rejuvenation. Featuring healing music from even Chakras & Elements albums.


* DISCLAIMER:  The Music For Your Health Series is not intended nor should it be used as a replacement for medical treatment.  All medical problems should be referred to a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.