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Water Crystals

Alan Roubik began working with research scientist and author Dr. Masaru Emoto in 1995. Alan composed, arranged and produced music specifically for the purpose of creating a "healing" music series, known as Music For Your Health. Having met with the world's leading music therapists and working with Emoto's laboratory in Japan, Alan identified and created music that had positive physiological responses to such variables as sound, rhythm, key, tempo, and instrumentation.      

Utilizing magnetic resonance technology, Emoto was able to analyze, quantify and treat patients with various ailments using Alan's music, publishing his findings in several of his best-selling books, including "Hidden Messages in Water." Emoto noticed that there was a clear distinction between good and bad vibrations (also known as "Hado") in the form of water crystallization when exposing music to water, and theorized that Alan's music had the best healing properties of any modern-day music.

Alan's music was also used in a double-blind back pain study in the Music Therapy Department at California State University, Northridge, which were positive. Subjects experiencing severe back pain were targeted for this study and felt pain relief during and after a session of listening to Roubik's music. 


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