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Featuring Music by Pianist & Composer Alan Roubik

The music video "Promises" has been featured on MTV, Star TV Asia, PBS Classic Arts Showcase, and The Home Shopping Network. Filmed in 35mm on locations in Malibu, California, with the same production team that worked on Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video.

  Music For Your Health Series albums

Created utilizing magnetic resonance technology with the purpose of boosting the immune system, assist in pain and stress relief, and for relaxation and medication, this enjoyable series is a blending of jazz, classical and world music influences, making it most appealing to a broad range of listeners. 

Best-selling author and research scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto exposed water to Alan's music in his laboratory in Japan, which was then put in a purpose-built freezer room for observation as water crystals formed under cold temperatures. With Alan's music, the crystals form beautiful shapes in sharp contrast to other types of music, the photos of which have been published in Dr. Emoto's books, including the original and very popular "Hidden Messages in Water." Emoto theorized that Alan's music had healing properties like no other modern-day music.

Featured on the Home Shopping Network, CD2000 has also been used by the US Olympic Swim Team at Stanford University as part of their daily training program, endorsed by the Stanford University Team Swim Coach Mike Bottom and Gold Medalist Gary Hall, Jr.


Cool instrumental music with multi-cultural influences created to improve immune system and for general good health.


Jazzy instrumental music created with the intention of assisting in pain relief and strengthening the immune system through healing sound waves.