Alan Roubik

Alan began playing keyboard by ear at the age of 3 and began formal piano lessons when he was nearly 10.     

Even though Alan truly enjoyed composing his own music, and despite having won numerous competitions and talent shows, he never considered music as a career until a chance meeting with legendary producer and artist manager Joe Gottfried of Sound City Studios in 1988.  Upon requesting and listening to a demo cassette tape of 3 original songs, Joe insisted that Alan consider a career in music as a composer for his multi-platinum artists.   

After much consideration, Alan began his journey into the music business after receiving his Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management from California State University, Los Angeles in 1989, and established Roubik Records and Alan Roubik Publishing in 1992 as a platform for producing his music.

Alan's first album was entitled "Promises," and it had gained in popularity on Adult Contemporary radio stations in the US, which led to the production of the music video "Promises," with Michael Jackson's film crew, assisted by director John Landis.  The romantic video filmed in Malibu, California, established Alan as the #1 most popular indie artist in the history of MTV and Star TV Asia.